Podcast Recording

We are proud to help our creatives amplify their voices. Producing audio and video podcasts for a wide variety of clients in a safe, modern environment is our top priorty.

Book a session and record up to 6 people simultaneously. Personalize your session with backdrops, lighting and/or additional guests.

INCLUDED: Full Use Of Our Studio

Live On Air Audio Streaming

RODE Caster Pro II

4 Shure MV7 Microphones

Phone Attachments

Audio Engineer

Setup Assistance

Audio File MP3 Format

Video Capture (Additional)


Radio Mix Shows

DJ’s keep the energy flowing with a variety live streamed mixes. Giving you the best in Dancehall, Afrobeats, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae as well as live interviews from artists, producers, promoters and more.

INCLUDED: Full Use Of Our Studio

Live On Air Audio Streaming

Live Video Streaming

Pionner DDJ-SX2 or Pioneer DDJ-SX3

Scarlett Studio CM25 Condenser Microphone

12 Channel Makie Pro Mixing Board

Audio File MP3 Format

Video Capture (Additional)

Event Planning / Coordinating

We provide every necessity required to achieve your dream event from start to finish with the thoughtful planning and execution that elevates an event into an experience


Audio Commericals

Audio (DJ’s, Sound Systems, etc)

Photography (4k Pics RAW/Edited)

Video (4k Video Production)

Stage & Lighting

Promotons  (Flyer Distribution, Radio Promo, Web Promo, Social Media)

Radio Play Royalties

You Get Paid When We Play Your Music!

We are a fully licensed radio station with all the appropriate organizations that enable us to legally play music.

Our radio station is covered by the five main music licensing agencies to be compliant with U.S. Streaming Guidelines.